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DustLocker T

DustLocker T.M.  indoor formula

Indoor Formula

DustLocker ™ Indoor formula is designed to tackle all your tough indoor dust.

Indoor Dust  problems can be serious.  Some indoor dust can be detrimental and contribute to declining general health and cause an additional  burden on those with breathing problems.  Dust can lead to allergies, respiratory problems and asthma.

Keeping dust down indoors has never been easier with DustLocker ™  indoor formula.   Dust in your home , office and all your indoor locations can easily be treated with DustLocker ™  indoor formula.  Now dust is disinfected, sanitized on contact.

No other product can quickly disinfect , deodorize and sanitize your dusty indoor areas on contact.  DustLocker ™  indoor formula. is long lasting offering protection for several weeks after your initial treatment.  It's easy to tackle those tough dusty areas without dust just getting thrown back into the air and settling later.  Spraying before sweeping or vacuuming is a great way to stop dust from being picked up and spread throughout the house. 

Only  DustLocker ™  indoor formula can fight dust fast on contact keeping the dust down and disinfected.  DustLocker ™  indoor formula provides long lasting protection from indoor dust long after other products have faded.


Pet, plant and people safe.


By the gallon order sizes
Kits (includes DustLocker ™  indoor formula plus a deluxe sprayer)




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