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Now you can treat the dust inside and out with our new indoor formula.

The dust outside your house , is the dust inside the house.
Dirty dusty areas outside your house contribute to the dust that ends up making it's way inside.
Once dust is inside it quickly ruins our air conditioners,  heaters, appliances computers and more.

Fighting dust can get expensive you can spend hundreds on dusting products, or expensive air filters, or fancy vacuums, but that doesn't stop the dust.

Treating your dusty areas with DustLocker  does.

The FIRST step is to Stop Dust from getting inside your house.
You apply DustLocker around the house with just a simple sprayer.  DustLocker works on contact and dries clear and hard.  Now it takes only a few moments to protect your house from the dangers and expenses of dust.   DustLockeris safe for use around animals, in stalls and all those dusty dirty areas outside the house, on the ranch and at the farm.


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